Incremental Encoders - Optical

Incremental Encoders - Optical

Incremental optical encoders from P3 America are used in applications for direction and speed measuring. An incremental encoder sensor is a device that changes the angular motion or position of a rotary shaft into a digital code to represent direction and velocity in control systems.

Our encoders, including incremental optical encoders, are the preferred choice for precise positioning operations in robotics, semiconductor manufacturing, medical equipment, and hundreds of other applications. They are great for applications that run at higher speeds or that require a higher resolution.

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High Resolution at an Affordable Price

In applications where precision is key, P3 America’s incremental optical encoders are a cost-effective choice. We offer volume-based discounts, even if the units are purchased over time. With our low prices and quality manufacturing, you know you’re making a good investment in a product that will last. All our optical encoders are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 certification standards.

Optimize Your Results With Industry Experts

Choosing the right motion control technology can be difficult. You have hundreds of options for incremental optical encoders. The expert engineers at P3 America can help you make an informed decision about which option is best for your application.

If our team can’t find the right solution for you, we will work with you to engineer one. We can reference obsolete parts and will go out of our way to work with suppliers if necessary. You can get broken parts replaced quickly and easily because we offer the best product delivery time in the industry.

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