Magnetostrictive Linear Motion Sensor

Magnetostrictive Linear Motion Sensor

P3 America’s magnetostrictive motion sensors are a vital component of mobile machinery. A magnetostrictive transducer gives an electrical output signal that provides a computer a digital readout of the position of an object that it is mechanically connected to. They have become a staple in a multitude of industries where position sensing and motion control are critical because of their ability to operate in harsh environments and extreme temperatures.

Our sensors are built to last, regardless of dirt, water, and other contaminants.

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Quality and Durability Provide Stellar ROI

Our magnetostrictive sensors provide excellent value for their price. They are very durable because they are frictionless. These sensors are available in several housing configurations to enable mounting in a wide variety of uses. They can be used in automated assembly machines for gauging part tolerances. They can also be found in agricultural vehicles for steering position feedback. This technology is great for operating in harsh environments such as automotive suspension testing applications.

Partner with Applications Engineers at P3 America

Choosing the right sensor technology can be a real challenge. P3 America has many years of experience in providing applications engineering, rapid prototyping, OEM support, and distribution support. Contact a P3 America sales engineer for more information on the applications for these products or for custom solutions.

We are well equipped with the technical expertise to assist customers in any industry. If we can’t find a solution for you, we will engineer one. Volume-based discounts are available, even when units are purchased over time.