Precision Multi-Turn Potentiometers

Precision Multi-Turn Potentiometers

P3 America is one of the leading USA-based specialists for precision angle sensors, multi-turn potentiometers, linear motion transducers, and industrial joysticks. Our selection of multi-turn potentiometers is versatile and extensive.

If you are looking for a multi-turn potentiometer we have a number of options ranging in diameters, mounting styles and installation depths. Work with our team today to find the exact piece you need.

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The Multi-Turn Benefit

Precision multi-turn potentiometers are used in control applications to measure rotations exceeding 360º and as a high resolution panel input controller for precision settings. Widely used in manufacturing equipment, factory automation, mobile machinery, test and measuring devices, medical equipment and aerospace applications.

A Range of Features

Beneath the umbrella of multi-turn potentiometers come a number of other specifications. With P3 America you can find wire-wound, hybrid, and hall effect (contactless) options as well as turns counting dials. Across part types, our quality products have high success rates and delivery times are short.

Experience Technical Support

Our experienced staff is prepared to speak technically with you no matter what industry you are in. We offer product customization, rapid prototyping, application engineering, OEM support, and distribution support services. We even customize components for single unit orders. Our team of sales engineers answers requests quickly and our product delivery time is the industry’s best.

Contact us to find cost-effective and long-lasting solutions quickly.