RC20G Series

$246.00 - $325.00


Attribute Value
Type Rod end bearings
Measuring Distance (Stroke Lengths) 25mm up to 300 mm
Spring Return No
Element Conductive plastic
Resistance Value Varies with stroke lengths, see pdf datasheet / ±20%
Linearity ±0.2% (25mm), ±0.1% (50mm to 100mm), ±0.05% (>100mm)
Resolution Infinite
Power 0.8W up to 3.0W (varies with stroke length, see pdf datasheet)
Operating Temperature -30ºC to +100ºC
Life Expectancy >100,000,000 Reciprocating motions
Body Dimensions Ø20 x (length varies with stroke length, see pdf datasheet)
Shaft Diameter 5 mm
Threaded Shaft End n/a
Mounting Rod End Bearings
Output Cable Length 1 m
IP Rating IP60