RC20G Series

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Attribute Value
Type Rod end bearings. Metal housing. Long life.
Measuring Distance (Stroke Lengths) 25mm up to 300 mm
Spring Return No
Element Conductive plastic
Resistance Value Varies with stroke lengths, see pdf datasheet / ±20%
Linearity ±0.2% (25mm), ±0.1% (50mm to 100mm), ±0.05% (>100mm)
Resolution Infinite
Power 0.8W up to 3.0W (varies with stroke length, see pdf datasheet)
Operating Temperature -30ºC to +100ºC
Life Expectancy >100,000,000 Reciprocating motions
Body Dimensions Ø20 x (length varies with stroke length, see pdf datasheet)
Shaft Diameter 5 mm
Threaded Shaft End n/a
Mounting Rod End Bearings
Output Cable Length 1 m
IP Rating IP60

Main Features

The RC20G series of precision linear motion conductive plastic potentiometers are available in stroke lengths of 25mm up to 300mm. They are characterized by dual rod end bearings, a low profile 20mm diameter tubular aluminum housing and extremely long life span.

 Main Features:

* Dual rod end bearings (Heim bearings)

* 20mm housing diameter

* Precision linearity

* 100 million cycle life

* IP60 environmental rating



* Non standard (fractional) measuring stroke lengths

* Improved linearity and/or resistance tolerances

* Customer specified pre-wiring / connectorization



Optimized to be used as a feedback sensor (closed loop) in industrial applications.

* Heavy equipment

* Factory automation systems

* Process control automation

* Test stands

* Suspension systems

* Aerospace