• SX135-30-1R-KA02
  • SX135-30-1R-KA02

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Attribute Value
Series SX135 - Draw Wire Sensor
Measurement Range 30 meters (10...42.5 meters available)
Analog Output 1K ohm potentiometer  (optional; 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA)
Linearity ±0.1%
Resolution Infinite
Power Supply max. 30V
Mechanical Data extraction force, maximum velocity and acceleration - see 'Mechanical Data' in pdf datasheet
Connection Cable output - TPE cable, standard length 2m (optional: M12 axial connector)
Protection Class IP65 (optional; IP67)
Humidity maximum 90% relative, no condensation
Working Temperature -20ºC...+85ºC (optional: -40º...+85ºC or -20ºC...+120ºC)
Temperature Coefficient ±0.0025% K
Housing Aluminum, anodized, spring case PA6