P3 America specializes in manufacturing and distribution of precision rotary and linear motion sensors, industrial joysticks and force load cells for measurement and control applications across all industrial and commercial sectors.


Our product portfolio represents more than 60 years of manufacturing know how to meet the requirements of industrial applications. Standard and custom-fit sensors and joysticks have been installed in many hundreds of applications in the U.S. and across the globe. We support OEM's, contract manufacturers, engineering consultants, distributors (national, regional or specialized), educational institutions, government projects and hobbyists.


All products are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 certifiction standards. All products are RoHS compliant. All products are pre-tested prior to shipping. All rotary and linear motion sensors meet or exceed the standards according to IEC 60393. A subset meets a wide range of MIL-R Standards.


In addition to the wide range of "standard" models displayed on our storefront is our ability to modify any of these models to suit your application. If a new design altogether is required, we can assist through the design phase to production samples and production. 3D printing followed by 6-axes CNC machinery are available for rapid prototyping.