Drive Systems


Precision Sensors for Industrial Electrical Drive Systems

Automated solutions are at the heart of almost all industrial operations and electrical drive systems are ubiquitous in industrial automation processes. P3 America has sensor solutions for input controls as well as position feedback. We carry industry-tested rotary and linear motion sensors in a wide range of styles and technologies.


Absolute Position Feedback

Our absolute position feedback sensors are used in electrical drive systems to provide a true power off / power on position signal, that is, exact position is never lost. These specialized drive system components include both rotary and linear motion sensors using traditional potentiometer (resistive elements), modern hall effect or inductive technologies.

Custom Jobs

P3 America offers custom jobs with low minimum quantities and short lead times. P3 America has helped clients in a wide array of industries develop highly optimized solutions that reliably work the way they need to well into the future.

How We Work

Our team of specialists brings decades of experience and vast knowledge to the job. P3 America delivers the ultimate in reliable service and products. We specialize in cost-effective and long-lasting solutions, even for highly time-sensitive projects.

Whether you are working in automation technology, mechanical engineering, or robotics, we can help you solve your biggest challenges.

A Broad Range of Applications

P3 America’s outstanding product line and our team of industry specialists are just what you need to optimize your automated operations. We can provide you with expert advice to select and maintain the right products for your business. Our sensors can typically be found in the following applications:

  • Remote Positioning

    Precision, rugged multi-turn potentiometers used for precise remote positioning.

  • Trolley

    Customized angle sensors for precise sensing of input controls for brake and power drive systems.

  • Flightsim

    Linear motion and rotary angle sensors for precision simulators.


P3 America is committed to providing the highest quality products and services. Don’t trust your sensor needs to anyone but the industry’s best. To find out how our industry specialists can help you optimize your operations with our electrical drive systems. Contact us today.

Products by Services

  • STCS50 Series

    STCS50 Series

    350ยบ measuring angle. Servo mount (ball bearings). High precision conductive plastic potentiometer. 50,000,000 turns life. 50mm housing diameter. 6mm shaft diameter. Metal housing. IP40
    Short Description --- Specifications Attribute Value Series / Type STCS50 / Single Turn Conductive Plastic Potentiometer Electrical Angle 350º Mechanical Angle 360º (continuous) Bearing Ball...