P3 America’s Cross Reference Guide to Honeywell / Clarostat Potentiometers

Honeywell / Clarostat is an excellent manufacturer of precision components. However, many of their parts have been discontinued over the years. We’ve created a guide for parts that are interchangeable with older Honeywell components. If you’re looking to replace a Honeywell potentiometer, the applications engineers at P3 America can help you find a new compatible part.

Single-Turn Potentiometers
Multi-Turn Potentiometers
Find Your New Potentiometers at P3 America

Start by selecting Single-Turn or Multi-Turn Potentiometers. Then, look for your model number in the chart to find a replacement for your Honeywell / Clarostat potentiometer or call P3 America to speak directly with one of our applications engineers. We’ll be able to help you identify precise specifications and guarantee compatibility with your application. If we can’t find what you need in stock, our team can build it or order it for you.

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Single-Turn Potentiometers

Thru-Shaft (hollow shaft), conductive plastic

  • 640 Series

Conductive plastic, bushing mount

  • 53C Series
  • 392 Series

    10 turns, wire-wound

  • 73JA Series
  • 62JA Series
Multi-Turn Potentiometers

    While some Honeywell / Clarostat Potentiometer series may not be listed here, we’re happy to help you find the right one for your application. Call P3 America to talk to one of our applications engineers. We’ll find the right component in stock or custom make it for you.  

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