Applications Engineering

Applications Engineering

Matching a sensor or joystick to a given application requires a clear understanding of what you are trying to control or measure. What is the angle or distance to be measured? How will you interface electrically? How will you mechanically connect? What is the duty cycle? What are the environmental characteristics?

Enhance your design and engineering process with applications engineering services from P3 America. Our experienced engineers connect extensive product knowledge with expertise gathered from implementing many applications to find optimized solutions.

Custom Solutions for Your Project

While implementation can depend on the complexity of a project, we aim to deliver prompt solutions through strategic product selection. This can mean adjusting an existing product or defining an alternative, new product.

We understand that delivery time is of the essence and work diligently to meet your deadlines. To this end, we have direct access to all production teams (engineering, testing/certification, scheduling, etc.) to ensure your design criteria is met, tested and delivered on time.

Why Choose P3 America?

Whether you are trying to replace an existing product or need help specifying the correct product, you are one phone call or e-mail away from connecting directly to a qualified applications engineer that can and will assist you. Quality is assured, experience is extensive and your satisfaction is always the goal.

Products by Services

  • JCH60C-4U-4S3R4GP - Hall Effect Joystick - Multi Function
    3 momentary push-button switches / rocker potentiometer


    Quad axis. 3 momentary face switches. 0.5~4.5V output per axis. High EMS and ESD durability.
    Short Description --- Specifications Attribute Value Series / Type JCH60C - Hall Effect Joystick - Multi Function Number of Axis Quad X / Y Axis Handle Deflection ±20º (40º overall) X / Y Axis Handle...
  • MT20HS / Hybrid Multi-Turn Potentiometer

    MT20HS-10 R10K ±5% L0.25%

    Hybrid element, long life. 20mm diameter. 10 turns. 10k ohms. Servo mount. 3mm shaft diameter. 0.25% linearity.
    Short Description --- Specifications Attribute Value Series / Type MT20HS / Hybrid Multi-Turn Potentiometer Mounting / Bearing Servo Mount / Ball Bearings Number of Turns 10 Turns (3600º) Resistance Value 10K ohms...