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Sensors play critical roles in the effectiveness of industrial automation technologies, and P3 America leads the material processing sector in industrial automation solutions. We know that your entire operation depends on sensor reliability and durability. Our engineers can help you identify the right parts and components for your project, or custom engineer the exact solution you need.

When you need a reliable product to hold up over millions of cycles, you need the best industrial automation services in the industry. And this is where P3 America comes in. We design and produce our sensors to withstand numerous stress factors that naturally occur in a production environment. They are often equipped with dirt-proof, robust sensor housings to protect against the most common industrial risk factors.

Why P3 America?

P3 America’s outstanding product line and team of industry specialists are just what you need to optimize your automated operations. We can provide you with the expert advice to select and maintain the right products for your business. Our sensors can typically be found in the following applications:

  • seat.png

    Multi-function joysticks for complex human-machine colloboration.

  • lift.png

    Rotary encoders for determining the steering angle in lift trucks.

  • machine.png

    Potentiometric linear sensors for providing feedback.

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P3 America is committed to providing the highest-quality products and services. Don’t trust your sensor needs to anyone but the industry’s best. Call us today and find out how our industry specialists can help you optimize your operations with our quality sensors.

Products by Services

  • Actual model. JH60C-4U-4S3R4GP


    Quad axis. 3 momentary face switches. 0.5~4.5V output per axis. High EMS and ESD durability.
    Short Description --- Specifications Attribute Value Series / Type JCH60C - Hall Effect Joystick - Multi Function Number of Axis Quad X / Y Axis Handle Deflection ±20º (40º overall) X / Y Axis Handle Operating Pattern Type 'U'...
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  • Cable version Connector version

    SLPC Series

    10mm up to 300mm stroke lengths. Precision linear motion potentiometer. Dual rod end (heim) bearings. Ø18mm aluminum housing. 75 million cycle life. IP65.
    $160.00 - $257.00
    Short Description 4 - 5 weeks delivery if not in stock. --- Specifications Attribute Value Type Rod end bearings. Measuring Distance (Stroke Lengths) 10 mm up to 300 mm  Spring Return No Element Conductive...
    $160.00 - $257.00
  • JL30H-XI-10R1GH

    Single axis. ±20º travel. Spring return center. 0.5V - 4.5V output. IP65.
    Short Description --- Specifications Attribute Value Series / Type JL30H- Hall Effect Joystick Number of Axis Single Handle Deflection ±20º (40º overall) Handle Operating Pattern Single axis Handle...
  • ERC 3 2442 S320

    320º measuring angle with mechanical end stops. 4 - 20mA output. 12 bit resolution. 1/4" shaft diameter. 0.5% linearity. IP65
    Short Description --- Specifications Attribute Value Series / Type ERC / Hall Effect Potentiometer Electrical Angle 320º Mechanical Angle 320º (with end stops) Supply Voltage 15 to 30 VDC Output 4 - 20 mA (clockwise) Linearity...