P3 America’s Cross Reference Guide to Megatron Potentiometers

Megatron has been a well-established German supplier of sensors and components for over 60 years. While they carry excellent products, they’re not always in stock, and many are no longer available or supported. So we’ve created this chart of Megatron potentiometers and sensors listing compatible parts that are in stock and ready to ship here at P3 America.

Find Megatron linear potentiometers, rotary potentiometers, LVDTs, sensors, and transducers - All with guaranteed compatible replacements. Just find the Megatron part number and see the matching P3 America product number.

Source Potentiometers With P3 America

Reference this chart or give us a call at (512) 337-7336. You can talk tech directly with one of our applications engineers. We will help you find a part you can trust for compatibility. If you’re looking for something special that’s not in stock, we can source it or even engineer it ourselves. Work with us to customize your replacement Megatron Potentiometer. No minimum order size and no consultation fee.

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Conductive plastic, servo mount

  • 6534 Series
  • 6537 Series
  • 6538 Series
  • 6539 Series
  • 6574 Series

Conductive plastic, brushing mount

  • 6630 Series
  • 6637 Series
  • 6639 Series

    10 turns, wire round

  • 3400 Series
  • 3500 Series
  • 3540 Series
  • 3590 Series

    10 turns, hybrid

  • 3501 Series
  • 3541 Series

    3 turns, wire round

  • 3543 Series
  • 3547S Series

    3 turns, hybrid

  • 3547H Series

    Miniature Linear Motion Potentiometer

  • 3048 Series
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You can trust our applications engineers here at P3 America to help source your replacement Megatron potentiometers. Compatibility with your project is guaranteed. Choose from a range of Megatron-compatible rotary and linear potentiometers, LVDTs, sensors, and transducers.    

Call P3 America and talk directly with an expert applications engineer on the phone. Find components with the exact resistance value, mechanical or electrical angle, and mounting for your application. If we don’t have a perfect fit in stock, we’ll custom-engineer it just for your project.

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