Custom Designs


Both the electrical characteristics and mechanical characteristics of our sensors and joysticks have numerous modification options to optimize the form, fit and function for your application. Shaft modifications are routine, from simple shaft flattening to knurled shafts for gears, just specify it. Pre-wiring with or without connectors is also common. On the electrical side, custom measuring angles or displacement is possible in a range of output interfaces (Analog voltage or milliamp, Serial (SSI, SPI) or digital (incremental).

Our Joystick range is also highly customizable to fit specific application requirements. Handle deflection and direction, single axis up to six axis of control, redundant output, variety of pushbotton switches as well as axis driven switches are but a few of the available options.

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Products by Services

  • JCH60C-4U-4S3R4GP - Hall Effect Joystick - Multi Function
    3 momentary push-button switches / rocker potentiometer


    Quad axis. 3 momentary face switches. 0.5~4.5V output per axis. High EMS and ESD durability.
    Short Description --- Specifications Attribute Value Series / Type JCH60C - Hall Effect Joystick - Multi Function Number of Axis Quad X / Y Axis Handle Deflection ±20º (40º overall) X / Y Axis Handle...
  • MT20HS / Hybrid Multi-Turn Potentiometer

    MT20HS-10 R10K ±5% L0.25%

    Hybrid element, long life. 20mm diameter. 10 turns. 10k ohms. Servo mount. 3mm shaft diameter. 0.25% linearity.
    Short Description --- Specifications Attribute Value Series / Type MT20HS / Hybrid Multi-Turn Potentiometer Mounting / Bearing Servo Mount / Ball Bearings Number of Turns 10 Turns (3600º) Resistance Value 10K ohms...