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We are committed to protect the privacy of our customers. Information that we collect is used solely to process orders and make your shopping experience the best it can be. We do not sell, give away or rent your personal details to any organization outside the P3 America staff.

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P3 America specializes in manufacturing and distribution of mechatronic components including precision rotary and linear motion sensors, industrial joysticks, and force load cells for measurement and control applications across all industrial and commercial sectors. Our specialty focus makes us a leading industrial sensor component supply company.

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Find a wide range of stock and standard models with technical, cost, and availability information. We can modify any of our products to suit your application. If a new design altogether is required, we can assist with custom design, prototyping samples, and producing the finished parts. 3D printing and 6-axes CNC machinery are available for rapid prototyping.

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All products are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 certification standards. All products are RoHS compliant. All products are pre-tested prior to shipping. All rotary and linear motion sensors meet or exceed the standards according to IEC 60393. A subset meets a wide range of MIL-R Standards. Consult with us for OEM Support on the quality components required for your project. Call and talk tech directly with a qualified engineer.

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Our product portfolio represents more than 60 years of manufacturing expertise with industrial applications. Our standard and custom-fit sensors and joysticks have been installed in hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide. We support OEMs, contract manufacturers, engineering consultants, distributors (national, regional, or specialized), educational institutions, government projects, and hobbyists.

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