Why Choose P3 America for your Industrial Joystick, Precision Control Component & Sensor Needs

  • 60+ Years of Quality

    All products are pre-tested, manufactured with ISO:9001 certification standards, and RoHS compliant.

  • Availability

    A wide range of "standard" models in stock and ready to order in volumes as low as a single unit.

  • Trusted Partner

    One-stop shopping for everything you need to establish and maintain efficient operations.

  • 3D Design Collaboration

    Send us 3D designs to print directly or collaborate with us on the design for CAD files with your exact specifications.

  • Custom Solutions

    A vast array of options are available for every product we offer to ensure the exact form, fit and function required for your specific application.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    In-house 3D modeling combined with 3D printing and 6 axis CNC capabilities allows for fast turn around of prototypes.

  • Certifications

    Our potentiometer products are manufactured in accordance with I.E.C., V.R.C.I. and MIL-R-202. Some potentiometers are also manufactured to TS and other MIL-R Standards.

  • World Class Customer Support

    Call or Email our sales engineers directly to talk about the solutions you need. We’re experts you can talk technically with.

  • OEM Support

    Volume-based discounts, even on units purchased over time. Track thousands of pieces and schedule service or replacement as needed for each with our MRP software.

Small Quantities To Large Quantities

we are at your service with solutions