Measuring Technology

Measurement and Control

Measuring equipment requires well-made manual input controls to accomplish precise measuring and testing. Rotary sensors with indexed knobs and/or precision joysticks are routinely employed for manual adjustment purposes. Smooth operation with essentially infinite resolution offers superior operator control and precise setting capability.

P3 America offers superior angle sensors and joysticks and an exceptional selection of products. We are intimately familiar with your industry’s requirements and will provide you with individualized measurement and control engineering services and expert advice about choosing the right product for your application requirements.

Find the right measurement and control equipment or have it custom-engineered here at P3 America.

Measurement and Control Applications

  • Rotary Potentiometer

    Rotary potentiometers and encoders for precise settings

  • Industrial Joystick

    Joysticks for the control of industrial-grade machines

  • Interior Lighting Control

    Hollow shaft miniature potentiometers for custom interior lighting controls

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Products by Services

  • 640P Series

    640P Series

    Direct replacement for discontinued Honeywell 640 series thru-shaft potentiometer.
    Short Description --- Specifications Attribute Value Series / Type 640P Series / Thru-Shaft Potentiometer Electrical Angle 90º, 180º, 270º 330º or customer specified Mechanical Angle Same as electrical...
  • JH30H-ZU-3SR3G Hall Effect Joystick | Large Image


    Triple axis. Z axis twist knob. Low profile. Spring return center. 0.5V to 4.5V output. IP65 (above panel).
    Short Description --- Specifications Attribute Value Series / Type JH30H - Hall Effect Joystick Number of Axis Triple axis Handle Deflection X & Y Axis: ±15º (30º overall) / Z Axis: ±30º...