Shear Beam Load Cells

Shear Beam Load Cells

Our wide selection of shear beam load cells means you can find the ideal measuring tool for your operational requirements. Since 2004, P3 America has offered automation and electromechanical solutions that deliver accurate, reliable results. Our shear beam load cells give you cost-effective, long-lasting, trustworthy measurements you can count on.

Contact us today to discuss your measurement needs and we will help you find the ideal load cell for your system. We can even manufacture custom units to meet your exact specifications.

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Built Tough

Load cells need to be accurate enough to measure subtle changes in compression, weight, and force but tough enough to withstand the often harsh work environments they are located in. Our shear beam load cells are custom designed and manufactured to perform accurately in a range of work conditions including heat, cold, moisture, and more.

Accurate Results

Load cells need to deliver highly accurate results to be effective. Our industrial-grade beam load cells offer high-precision reliability over the long life of the unit. We engineer all our shear beam load cells to return accurate results time and time again.

Options and Features

With a range of options and features including construction materials, load limit range, sizing options, profile options, and output options you’re sure to find the ideal unit for your measurement needs.

Our knowledgeable staff will match you with the ideal load cell for your application. You can even discuss tech specs with an engineer on the phone.

Get Accurate Results

Shear beam load cells from P3 America deliver accurate, reliable measurements you can count on. With so many options available, contact us to help you find the right load cell for your needs.

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