P3 America provides solutions for a wide range of industrial automation components and sensor applications. We offer precision sensors, ultrasonic sensors, force sensors, joysticks, and linear motion transducers suitable for hundreds of industrial-grade applications. If you’re looking to source parts for new equipment or replace obsolete parts for legacy hardware, chances are we can find it for you.

Our applications engineers may find a stock solution for you or custom-engineer one for your specific application. 

From consultation to prototyping to product delivery, P3 America offers you the best lead times in the industry. Speak to one of our applications engineers today to see how we can help you.

P3 America has sensor applications for input controls as well as absolute position feedback, including precision multi-turn potentiometers, customized angle sensors, and linear and rotary motion sensors. Our solutions provide a true on/off power position signal, leveraging traditional potentiometer as well as modern Hall effect technologies.

Need a custom job done with low minimum order quantities and short lead times? We’ll do that too! Whether you’re working in mechanical engineering, automation technology, or robotics, we have just what it takes to solve your biggest challenges.

With P3 America, you’ll see some of the best industrial automation component applications available. We’re one of the few US-based specialists in the industry. You can depend on our products to deliver reliability over millions of cycles. Our components are designed to withstand a multitude of stress factors in production and come equipped with dirt-proof casings that provide robust protection for rugged terrain and handling. Our engineers will help you find exactly the right part for your project or custom-build one for you. Choose from linear sensor applications, multi-function joysticks, rotary encoders, and more.

Precise measuring and testing require precisely fabricated manual input controls. P3 America provides an extensive selection of products, including multi-turn joysticks, angle sensors applications, hollow shaft miniature potentiometers, as well as rotary potentiometers and encoders. Our engineers are familiar with an immense range of industry-specific requirements and will be able to recommend the ideal components. If a stock option isn’t available, we’ll custom-design one for you. We guarantee some of the best delivery times in the industry for prototyping and final product delivery. Consult directly with an applications engineer for your project.

Robust components are key to success with heavy-duty applications. At P3 America, we understand that the real test of your equipment comes in environmental extremes and operational strains. Our range of industrial joysticks and rugged sensor applications, including rotary encoders and potentiometers, have been stress-tested under precisely these conditions and have been proven to deliver exceptional performance and endurance.

Contact one of our expert applications engineers to identify or customize the exact components you need for operating mobile heavy machinery.

Work Directly with Top Engineers

P3 America is the preferred choice for manufacturers and industrial operators nationwide. Our expert staff is entirely US-based, and, in many cases, have over 30 years of individual experience in the industry.

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