OEM Support

OEM Support

Contact P3 America for all your measurement, control, and actuation needs. Whenever mechanical positions (linear displacement or rotary angles) and forces need to be measured precisely or controlled exactly, call P3 America for the best in equipment and engineering services

P3 America develops an extensive product line as well as utilizes industry-trusted products from long-standing exclusive partners to provide the best solutions for our customers.


A Trusted OEM Support Partner

P3 America is renowned for high delivery reliability and world-class service and certification capabilities. We also offer volume-based discounts, even on units purchased over time. Our Material Resource Planning (MRP) software allows manufacturers to track thousands of pieces and schedule service or replacement as needed for each, eliminating hitches or delays in your operating environment

P3 America provides one-stop shopping for everything you need to establish and maintain efficient operations.

OEM Support Services

At P3 America, you can expect these services as part of our standard OEM support:

  • Design & Build Services
  • Production Cost Reduction
  • Engineering Support/Redesign
  • Product Quality Control
  • High Volume Complex Fabrication
  • Production Rate Flexibility
  • Industry Standards Compliance

Contact P3 America

Our team of specialists can help you through all stages of your operation, including design, development, manufacturing, logistics, and support processes. Call P3 America for the industry’s gold standard in OEM support.

Products by Services

  • R25W-SRCWT-R10K

    IP54 sealing. 270º measuring angle (with mechanical end stop). Bushing mount. Wire-wound. 10K ohms. 1% linearity. 1/4" shaft diameter.
    Short Description --- Specifications Attribute Value Series / Type R25W / Single Turn Wire-Wound Potentiometer Electrical Angle 270º Mechanical Angle 285º (mechanical end stops) Bearing Sleeve Resistance...
  • JH40H-ZU-3SR3G - Triple Axis Hall Effect Joystick


    Triple axis. Z axis twist knob. Spring return center. 0.5V to 4.5V output. IP65.
    Short Description --- Specifications Attribute Value Series / Type JH40H - Hall Effect Joystick Number of Axis Triple axis Handle Deflection X & Y Axis: ±20º (40º overall) / Z Axis: ±30º...
  • MT10 / Wire-Wound Multi-Turn Potentiometer

    MT10-10 R10K ±3% L0.25%

    10mm diameter. 10 turns. 10k ohms. Wire-wound. Bushing mount. 1/8" shaft diameter. 0.25% linearity.
    Short Description --- Specifications Attribute Value Series / Type MT10 / Wire-Wound Multi-Turn Potentiometer Mounting / Bearing Bushing Mount / Sleeve Bearing Number of Turns 10 Turns (3600º) Resistance Value 10K...
  • RH24PC E R10K L2% D5

    Hollow shaft. 340º measuring angle. 10k ohms. 2% linearity.
    Short Description --- Specifications Attribute Value Series / Type RH24PC / Single Turn Conductive Plastic Potentiometer Electrical Angle 340º Mechanical Angle 360º (continuous) Mounting / Bearing Hollow shaft...