The P3 America Cross Reference compatibility Guide

P3 America's Component Compatibility Cross Reference Guide can assist you in finding suitable alternatives to the precise model of the products you need. Find precision components like potentiometers that will work as replacements for parts by Honeywell Clarostat, Bourns, ETI Systems, and other manufacturers.

Order Online or Talk to an Expert

Find compatible components to order directly online or give us a call to talk with an applications engineer. We’ll help you find the right potentiometers or parts. We’ll find components in stock, or custom engineer them for you.

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Potentiometers Compatibility
Guaranteed Compatibility

Our experts will provide helpful advice and assistance to ensure you get a solution that works. You can count on professional guidance on the ideal conductive plastic or wire-wound potentiometers, linear motion transducers, linear displacement potentiometers, industrial joysticks, and other components for your project.

Choose the manufacturer of the components you’d like to replace, search for the model number on our website, or contact our team.

Why Replacement Parts are Necessary

Manufacturers like Bourns, Honeywell Clarostat, and ETI systems make excellent parts. But the parts of other original equipment manufacturers can easily go out of stock, or may even be discontinued altogether. And sometimes support for those components may not be available.

Why Replacement Parts Are Necessary
Exact Potentiometer Needs
Source the Parts You Need

You can place an order here or speak to an applications engineer and be sure that P3 will help customers find the exact potentiometer or other part or piece they need for their specific application. Much like a manufacturer, a customer can create an account to make purchases from P3.