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Engineered Components and Industrial Supplies

Angle Sensors

Find a full line of precision angle sensors to meet the needs of a variety of applications and operational environments. All of our industrial engineered components are extensively tested and proven to ensure long-lasting and robust performance.

Precision Potentiometers

Order precision-engineered potentiometers for a variety of measuring angles and sizes. Models are available with both conductive plastic and wire-wound elements.

Precision Contactless Potentiometers

Find precision contactless potentiometers that combine software with state-of-the-art semiconductors to provide low-noise, high-accuracy measurements of any angle to 360º.

Precision Multi-Turn Potentiometers

Source superior multi-turn potentiometers with multiple options of mounting styles, diameters, and installation depths. See our range of industrial engineered components online.

Rotary Encoders - Absolute

Browse absolute rotary encoders at P3 America for the correct measurement of the velocity, position, and direction of motion of rotating shafts.

Rotary Encoders - Incremental

Shop our extensive selection of incremental rotary encoders that provide accurate position, velocity, and direction data in motion control systems used in various industries.

Accessories for Angle Sensors

Whether you need accessories like shaft couplings, programmers, connectors, precision magnet holders, or other accessories for angle sensors, find quality industrial engineered components and accessories at P3 America.

Load Cells (Force Sensors)

Load cells are transducers that convert force into measurable electric output. P3 America offers different varieties of load cells or force sensors for your application. When you source our engineered components, you’re guaranteed of superior quality, precision, safety, and dependability.

Shear Beam Load Cells

Our shear beam load cells are ideal for ensuring long-lasting, cost-effective, and accurate measurements every time.

S-Beam Load Cells

S-beam load cells are used to measure both tension and compression. P3 America brings you a range of options to meet your unique operational requirements. They’re reliable, cost-effective, and accurate.

Button (Round) Load Cells

P3 America delivers reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective industrial automation supplies and solutions like the button (round) load cells that provide the options and flexibility needed to meet operational requirements.

Accessories for Load Cells

If you’re looking for specific accessories for your load cells or force sensors, don’t hesitate to contact us and talk to our applications engineers.

Linear Motion Transducers

P3 America is your leading source for linear motion sensors and position transducers for different applications across multiple industries. Contact us for your industrial automation supplies needs.

Precision Linear Motion Potentiometers

Find precision linear motion potentiometers in a variety of sizes, fittings, mountings, and stroke lengths to suit your needs when measuring and controlling linear motion in industrial operating machines.

Linear Motion Transducers (LVDT)

Our selection of LVDT linear motion transducers is perfect for a wide range of applications and environments. LVDTs are widely used for measuring linear position.

Draw Wire Sensors (String Potentiometers)

Draw-wire sensors or cable transducers are low-cost and compact solutions used for accurate measuring of the mechanical position of an object. Our industrial draw-wire sensors are fully operational in displacements from 50 millimeters to 42 meters.

Signal Conditioners / Display Controls

Source signal conditioners or display controls for a variety of applications. They feature superior metal housing, galvanic isolation, and low residual ripple.

Industrial Joysticks

P3 America brings you precision industrial joysticks that can operate machinery of all sizes. Our joysticks utilize both modern contactless hall sensors and classic potentiometers. Expect joysticks quality, long-lasting, and trouble-free operational life.

Thumb Joysticks

These joysticks offer precise and smooth control over many forms of movement. At P3 America, we provide engineered components that you can count on.

Finger Joysticks

We deliver high-quality finger-controlled joysticks that can be used to control all types of machines, no matter the size. Our joysticks provide reliable and accurate control of movements over a long life.

Hand Grip Joysticks

We know the importance of precision control in industrial applications. Our selection ofhandgrip joysticks gives you complete control over the movement for your electrical mechanical panel or automation machine.

Accessories for Joysticks

Whether you want replacement parts or precision components to fine-tune your movement control options, P3 America has the right accessories for joysticks. Order online now or call us to discuss your needs.