Shear Beam - DC Output (V/mA)

Shear Beam - DC Output (V/mA)

Shear Beam – Analog Output

P3 America delivers a broad selection of shear beam load cells with analog connectivity to meet the critical demands of today’s industrial weighing and metering applications. Built tough from a compact design, our shear beam load cells with integrated signal conditioning are your ready-to-install force transducers. A flat surface and simple fasteners are all that is required for a complete and stable installation. This simplicity and ease of use is made possible by our fully integrated force sensor design.

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Integrated Amplifier

If you’re looking for a fast and reliable force measurement solution without the hassle of any additional load cell signal conditioning, then our shear beam load cells with internal conditioning are your answer. P3 America’s catalog of DC output shear beam load cells all have integrated amplifiers to provide you with the accuracy and frequency response you need from standard 0-10VDC or 4-20mA signals. Our fully integrated shear beam load cells with voltage or milliamp output, guarantee system compatibility and reliability with your computer or PLC controlled weighing application. Our proven load cells will continue to deliver reliable performance throughout their long lifespan cycles.

P3 America Service and Support

We strive to simplify your force sensor sourcing experience with our catalog of quality shear beam load cells with integrated signal conditioning. However, we understand every application is unique and one size doesn’t always fit all. Our team of experts is available to you and your team for any product and application questions you may have. We stand by our quality products through our quality service and support. To speak directly with an applications engineer, contact us today!