KM200 K 10N

10N (2 lb.) capacity. The KM200 series force transducers (load cells) are very compact as a single point measuring cell based on the principle of the double bending beam and have a very small corner load error. The bending beam is particularly suitable for applications in scales (traffic that does not require custody transfer) and wherever the load is not applied centrally. The force sensors are offered without integrated amplifier electronics, but can be combined with external measuring amplifiers and displays.

Manufactured by Megatron

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Attribute Value
Series / Type Shear Beam Force Load Cell (Tension or Compression)
Capacity (Rated Force) 2 lb. (10N)
Rated Output 0.6 mV/V nominal
Relative Repeatability Error ≤ 0.05% of rated output
Relative Reversibility Error ≤ 0.05% of rated output
Relative Linearity Error ≤ 0.05% of rated output
Relative Deviation of Zero Signal ≤ 3% of rated output
Rated Displacement n/a
Input Resistance 350 ±3Ω
Output Resistance 350 ±3Ω
Insulation Resistance ≥ 5 MOhm @ 50 VDC
Maximum Operating Force ≤ 150% of Capacity
Rated Range of Excitation Voltage ≤ 10 VDC/VAC
Operating Range of Excitation Voltage ≤ 15 VDC/VAC
Rated Temperature Range -10ºC to +70ºC
Operating Temperature Range -10ºC to +40ºC
Temperature Effect on Output Value ≤ 0.3% of rated output / 10K
Temperature Effect on Zero Signal ≤ 0.3% of rated output / 10K
Creep Under Load ≤ 0.05% of rated output
Cable Dimension 4 x AWG30
Body Material Aluminum
Protection Grade IP65
Mass 0.4 lb.