Shear Beam - AC Output (mV/V)

Shear Beam - AC Output (mV/V)

Miniature Shear Beam – mV/V Output

As part of our comprehensive selection of force load cells, P3 America provides shear beam (bending beam) load cells with mV/V output. Our compact shear beam load cells are ideally suited for a wide range of industrial applications requiring precise weighing and measuring. Industrial scales, process control, medical, automotive, aerospace, robotics and sports industries commonly use shear beam load cells.

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Resistive Load Cells

P3 America load cells are built tough and deliver accurate weighing measurements. Our shear beam load cells are built using strain gauges that have been configured in a bridge topology. These strain gauges are what provide the minute changes in electrical resistance which are correlated to a corresponding strain magnitude. It is this magnitude value that is then output as a ratiometric voltage in proportion to the specified excitation input voltage.

For interfacing with your data acquisition system, we offer external signal conditioners to convert the mV/V output into various voltage or milliamp outputs. Shear beam load cells with integrated signal conditioning are also available in our Shear Beam - DC Output (V/MA) product category.

P3 America Experts Weigh In

Although shear beam load cells are designed to be easily integrated into your industrial weighing and metering application, determining the ideal shear beam load cells with mV/V output can be costly without the help of an expert. Fortunately, with over 40 years of application and production experience with economical sensors, the experts at P3 American are eager to help you get it right the first time.