Honeywell Single-Turn Potentiometers

Sometimes the right model of Honeywell potentiometer is not available when you need it. At P3 America, we’re ready to help you find a replacement for the potentiometer you need with guaranteed compatibility.

We have servo mount and bushing mount single-turn conductive plastic potentiometers compatible with Clarostat hardware. Get your replacement Honeywell potentiometer from P3 America.

Compatibility Reference Guide for Honeywell / Clarostat Potentiometers

Use our convenient reference guide to find the part you need. If you don’t see the exact Honeywell single-turn potentiometer you need on our website, give us a call. Our applications engineers can help you find it. We can even custom-build it for you if necessary.

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Single-Turn Potentiometer

Honeywell Part Numbers

P3 America Part Number

640 Series

Thru-Shaft (hollow shaft), conductive plastic

  • 640CS102A06NAAY
  • 640CS502A06NAAY
  • 640CS103A06NAAY
  • 640ES102A06NAAY
  • 640ES502A06NAAY
  • 640ES103A06NAAY
  • 640GS102A06NAAY
  • 640GS502A06NAAY
  • 640GS103A06NAAY

53C Series

conductive plastic, bushing mount

  • 53C1500
  • 53C11K
  • 53C15K
  • 53C110K
  • 53C120K
  • 53C150K

392 Series

Conductive plastic, bushing mount

  • 392JA1K
  • 392JA5K
  • 392JA10K
  • 392JA10K

    If you need to replace a Clarostat potentiometer, you can find all the information you need here on our website or call P3 America to speak with an applications engineer. We can help you determine the ideal size, type, and resistance value for you. We promise to either find it stock or engineer it ourselves specifically for your project.  

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