R22P Series

340º measuring angle. High precision conductive plastic potentiometer. 5,000,000 turns life. 22mm housing diameter. 1/4" shaft diameter. 22mm shaft length (FMS). 3/8 x 32 bushing (sleeve bearings). Metal housing. IP40. Suitable as panel controller or feedback sensor in industrial control applications. Customs welcome, please provide details.
R22PC: 360º mechanical rotation (continuous)
R22P: 340º mechanical rotation (with end stop)
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  • R22P Series Precision Conductive Plastic Potentiometer
  • R22P Single Turn Conductive Plastic Potentiometer


Attribute Value
Series / Type R22P / Single Turn Conductive Plastic Potentiometer
Electrical Angle 340º
Mechanical Angle R22PC: 360º (continuous) / R22P 34(mechanical stop)
Bearing Sleeve
Resistance Value 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, 20K, 50K, 100K ohms ±20%
Linearity Tolerance ±2.0%
Resolution Infinite
Operating Temperature -40ºC to +120ºC
Power 1.0 W
Life Expectancy >5,000,000 Turns
Body Diameter 22 mm
Shaft Diameter 6.35mm (1/4")
Mounting Threaded bushing (3/8-32)
IP Rating IP40

Main Features

* Precision conductive plastic potentiometer

* 22mm housing diameter

* Precision linearity of 2%

* 340º measuring angle

* 360º continuous rotation (R22PC) or 340º mechanical rotation with end stop (R22P)

* Metal housing


* Non standard (fractional) measuring angle

* Improved linearity: 1%

* Non standard resistance values

* Custom shaft modifications

* Customer specified pre-wiring / connectorization


* Industries: Energy, Industrial, material handling equipment, automotive, HVAC

* Joysticks

* Measuring instruments

* Steering angle measurement

* Electric wheelchairs

* Servo systems

* Automation