Honeywell Multi-Turn Potentiometers

Finding compatible replacement potentiometers can be a challenge. We’re looking to make replacing Honeywell multi-turn potentiometers is just a bit easier. We have many different types of wire-wound and hybrid multi-turn potentiometers compatible with Honeywell / Clarostat hardware at P3 America. Reference this list to find compatible components, or call our applications engineers for help finding or engineering the precise part needed for your project.

Honeywell multi-turn potentiometer
Honeywell / Clarostat Potentiometers Compatibility Reference Guide

Use this reference guide to check the component number on your Honeywell potentiometer and find a compatible P3 America model. If you have any questions, call our applications engineers to either help you find a compatible Honeywell Multi-Turn Potentiometer model or have one custom-built to fit your needs.

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Multi-Turn Potentiometer

Honeywell Part Numbers

P3 America Part Number

73JA Series

10 Turns, Wire-Wound

  • 73JA-100
  • 73JA-500
  • 73JA-1K
  • 73JA-5K
  • 73JA-10K
  • 73JA-20K
  • 73JA-50K
  • 73JA-100K

62JA Series

10 Turns, Wire-Wound

  • 62JA-100
  • 62JA-500
  • 62JA-1K
  • 62JA-5K
  • 62JA-10K

    Here at P3 America, we guarantee compatibility with old Clarostat potentiometers. Search our website for your model or call P3 America to speak with an expert applications engineer directly. We will help you find the ideal size, resistance value, mechanical or electrical angle, and mounting for your project or we will custom-build one for you.  

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