TRY100 - 5 5 1 9 1 1 1


12 month delivery.

Alternative joystick: JH40H Series


Attribute Value
Series / Type TRY100 - Hall Effect Joystick
Number of Axis Triple axis
Handle Deflection X & Y Axis: ±18º (36º overall) / Z Axis: ±30º (60º overall)
Handle Operating Pattern X/Y Axis: Type '1' (see pdf)
Spring Return to Center Yes
Return to Center Accuracy 50% ±4%
Supply Voltage 5VDC ±1%
Output Voltage 0 - 5V per axis
Output Voltage @ Center 2.5V
Pushbutton Handle n/a
Pushbutton Rating n/a
Load Resistance 10k ohm (minimum)
Operating Temperature -25ºC to +70ºC
Life Expectancy 5,000,000 random operations
Mounting Above panel
IP Rating IP40
Mating Connector Included (250mm wire length, color coded)