ETI Systems Multi-Turn Potentiometers

We’ve made it easy to find the right component to replace your ETI Systems multi-turn potentiometer. Give us a call to speak with an engineer about the model you need to replace. We’ll recommend an in-stock solution if available, or custom engineer one of the exact size, type, and resistance value you need.

We often take calls about potentiometers from ETI Systems, including MW10B, MW12B, MW20B, and MW22B. And we have compatible solutions ready to go. Give us a call at (858) 277-1420.

ETI Systems Potentiometers Compatibility Reference Guide

Find the part number of ETI Systems potentiometer you need and a compatible part in stock at P3 America. If we can’t find a part in stock, we can engineer it for you ourselves. Call P3 America to consult with an engineer about the ETI Systems Multi-Turn Potentiometer needed for your application.

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Multi-Turn Potentiometer

ETI Part Number

P3 America Part Number

MW10B-3 Series

3Turns, Wire-Wound

  • MW10B-3-1K
  • MW10B-3-5K
  • MW10B-3-10K

MW10B-5 Series

3Turns, Wire-Wound

  • MW10B-5-1K
  • MW10B-5-5K
  • MW10B-5-10K

MW10B-10 Series

10 Turns, Wire-Wound

  • MW10B-10-1K
  • MW10B-10-5K
  • MW10B-10-10K

MW12B-10 Series

10 Turns, Wire-Wound

  • MW12B-10L-1K
  • MW12B-10L-5K
  • MW12B-10L-10K
  • MW12B-10R-1K
  • MW12B-10R-5K
  • MW12B-10R-10K

MW20B Series

10 Turns, Wire-Wound

  • MW20B-10-1K
  • MW20B-10-5K
  • MW20B-10-10K

MH20 Series

3 turns, wire-wound

  • MW22B-3-1K
  • MW22B-3-5K
  • MW22B-3-10K

MW22B-3 Series

5 Turns, Wire-Wound

  • MW22B-3-1K
  • MW22B-3-5K
  • MW22B-3-10K

MW22B-5 Series

5 Turns, Wire-Wound

  • MW22B-5-1K
  • MW22B-5-5K
  • MW22B-5-10K

MW22B-10 Series

10 Turns, Wire-Wound

  • MW22B-10-1K
  • MW22B-10-5K
  • MW22B-10-10K

MH22B-3 Series

5 Turns, Hybrid

  • MH22B-3-1K
  • MH22B-3-5K
  • MH22B-3-10K

MH22B-5 Series

5 Turns, Hybrid

  • MH22B-5-1K
  • MH22B-5-5K
  • MH22B-5-10K

MH22B-10 Series

10 Turns, Hybrid

  • MH22B-10-1K
  • MH22B-10-5K
  • MH22B-10-10K

MR46B-10 Series

10 Turns, Wire-Wound

  • MR46B-10-1K
  • MR46B-10-5K
  • MR46B-10-10K

MR46B-20 Series

20 Turns, Wire-Wound

  • MR46B-20-1K
  • MR46B-20-5K
  • MR46B-20-10K

SMR46B Series

  • SMR46B-5
  • SMR46B-10
  • SMR46B-20
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