Switch Only Hand Grip Joysticks

Switch Only Hand Grip Joysticks

Take control of your operation with switch-only hand grip joysticks from P3 America. Since 2004, we’ve been providing cost-effective, long-lasting automation and electromechanical solutions that work.

These industrial-grade joysticks are single or dual-axes and feature axis driven micro-switches as well as pushbutton options. They attach through a screw mount, threaded bushing mount, or heavy duty mount. Find the ideal controller for your application in our selection of joysticks here, or speak directly with our applications engineers about the solutions you need.

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Precise Control

We understand your controllers need to be highly accurate. That’s why we engineer all our joysticks to deliver reliable accuracy—so you can repeat precise movements millions of times over the long life of the controller. A switch-only industrial controller gives you the precise control over movement your operation requires.

Built Tough

We design our switch-only hand grip joysticks to withstand the harsh pressures of work environments. Built to withstand dirt, dust, vibration, moisture, extreme temperature, and other work elements, our joysticks deliver reliable movement day in and day out. Take control of your application with a joystick that can handle tough work conditions.

Many Options

Our selection of switch-only hand grip joysticks are offered with a range of options to fulfill your operational requirements. Choose from different handle styles and sizes, protective coverings and boots, and various mounting options. Many come with a limiter plate to allow for single axis operation.

Speak with our service team to find the ideal controller for your specifications. We can even customize components for you.

Get the Right Controller

At P3 America, we’re dedicated to helping you find the ideal joystick for your operation. Our expert support staff can identify the controller that meets your needs. Contact us today to discuss your specifications and get the right joystick for your application.