Triple Axes Hand Grip Joysticks

Triple Axes Hand Grip Joysticks

At P3 America, we’re proud to be one of the only specialists based in the USA to provide automation and electromechanical products and support.

We work hard to deliver solutions that meet your operational needs. Our triple axis hand grip joysticks give you reliable, precise control over your application. Give us a call and speak directly with an applications engineer who can find, or manufacture and design the ideal triple axis joystick.

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  • JB100-ZT-30R3G - Potentiometer Joystick


    Triple axis. Vertical Z axis rocker potentiometer. Spring return center. 10K ohm potentiometers.
    Short Description --- Specifications Attribute Value Series / Type JB100 - Potentiometer Joystick Number of Axis Triple X & Y Axis Handle Deflection ±20º (40º overall) Z Axis (vertical rocker...

Reliable Accuracy

Our industrial grade controllers are designed and engineered to perform precise movements millions of times over the life of the unit. Our wide selection of triple axis hand grip joysticks give you exacting control over the movement of your application.

Durable Design

Working conditions can be unforgiving and relentless. We build our three axis industrial controller to withstand the often harsh elements of job sites—whether dirt, dust, vibration, moisture, or temperature—our controller can take it.

Options Available

We offer a wide range of options for our triple axis hand grip joysticks. You can choose from different handle options, Hall Effect or Resistive control, pushbutton options, high vibration immunity, spring return or position hold, different mounting options, and much more.

We can even engineer a custom solution to meet your operational requirements. In short, we will find a control solution to meet your needs.

Fast Service and Delivery

We understand that everyone is under a time crunch. Whether you need to replace a broken part or create a customized solution—we deliver speedy service and delivery to help you get up and running quickly. Contact our expert support staff to discuss your needs and exact specifications.

Take Control

At P3, we’re dedicated to delivering joystick and controller solutions that work. Our wide selection of triple axis hand grip joysticks ensures you find the ideal controller for your application. Call now to get the right joystick for your operation.