POD20 MS 08 320

Precision wire-wound potentiometer. IP65 protection grade. 100,000 cycle life. 20mm housing diameter. 6mm shaft diameter. 8mm shaft length. High resolution. Suitable as panel controller or feedback sensor in industrial control applications. Customs welcome, please provide details.
POD20 MS R5K 08 320 (140403)


Attribute Value
Series / Type POD20 MS / Single Turn Wire-Wound Potentiometer
Electrical Angle 318º
Mechanical Angle 320º (mechanical end stops)
Bearing Sleeve
Resistance Values (ohms)
100, 200. 500, 1K, 2K 5K, 10K, 20K  (±5%)
Linearity Tolerance ±0.5%
Resolution Varies with resistance value, see pdf.
Operating Temperature -25ºC to +105ºC
Power 2.0W @ 40ºC
Life Expectancy >100,000 Turns
Body Diameter 20 mm
Shaft Diameter / Length 6mm / 8mm (from end of bushing)
Mounting Threaded bushing (M10 x 0.75)
IP Rating IP65

Main Features

* Precision wire-wound potentiometer

* 20mm eng. plastic housing diameter

* Precision linearity of 0.5%

* IP65 


* Non standard (fractional) measuring angle

* Improved linearity

* Non standard resistance values

* Customer specified pre-wiring / connectorization


* Industries: Energy, Industrial, Electronics, Infrastructure

* Valve Control

* Industrial Thermostats

* Measuring instruments

* Damper actuator

* Welding machines

* Temperature & pressure control equipment