Features of Joysticks for Heavy Equipment

Features of Joysticks for Heavy Equipment

Industrial joysticks are commonly used to control a large variety of heavy equipment. From military to agricultural applications, these professional-grade components have become a staple for operators of equipment carriers and loaders, excavators, motor graders, backhoes, bulldozers, forklifts, and more. 

The rapid innovation of motion control technology for heavy-duty equipment has raised customer expectations. Whether you’re spending thousands or millions on your projects, you need controllers that are precise, easy to operate, customizable, and cost-effective. Selecting the right heavy equipment joystick for your application doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The US-based experts at  P3 America are readily available to help you understand the available options for your requirements. 

Here are a few things to consider before you choose what’s right for you.


Joystick function is defined by the control requirements of a given application. This can range from a simple single axis function to multiple axes of control, with or without various pushbutton switches (mode selection). Industrial joysticks are optimized for accommodating a wide range of applications by allowing manufacturers to customize both the proportional output functions as well as switch functions needed for their control requirements. Various handle shapes and sizes, range of motion, electrical output interfaces and mounting options are a few of the available features typically associated with industrial joysticks suitable for heavy equipment operations.


Heavy equipment operation is synonymous with vibration, dirt and other environmental challenges. Heavy handed operation is to be expected. A certain level of expertise is needed to produce industrial joysticks capable of operating in these conditions and provide years of precise, reliable control. Industrial joysticks of this caliber are characterized by robust internal components. Strong stainless steel shafts coupled to precision machined gimbal assemblies form the basis of a smooth, professional feel heavy duty controller.


Industrial equipment is expensive to operate long-term. With the wide range of industrial joysticks on the market, it’s important to find an option that’s durable in any conditions. Whether you’re using them in a warehouse or in harsh, outdoor environments, constantly replacing parts can be costly and frustrating. Make sure the option you choose can withstand the environment you need it for. 

For example,  Hand joysticks are ideal for use in really harsh environments. Consult with a professional engineer to find controllers that are made from high-quality materials, so you get a long operational life from them.


Joystick Handles

Because heavy machinery includes such a vast array of devices used for a wide range of applications, industrial joysticks can’t always be one-size-fits-all. Before your selection process, meet with your team to discuss which features are necessary and most important for their jobs. Follow up with your team a short time after installation to ensure everyone has what they need to make their processes most efficient. Who better to tell you what improvements are needed than the people using the equipment?

Contact P3 America

P3 America offers a comprehensive selection of joystick controllers that are engineered to provide precise, dependable motion control for extended product life. We provide industrial-grade motion control you can trust.

Our experienced staff can help you select the right joystick for your heavy-duty machinery. We are also able to engineer custom controllers to meet your specifications. 

Contact our sales engineers directly at 512-337-7336 or email us at sales@p3america.com to discuss the needs of your project.

Jul 5th 2019

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