Features of Motion Control System Components

Defining system requirements with clarity is the first step in selecting motion control system components for any application. Should you be primarily focused on linearity, resolution, or repeatability? Are you dealing with tanks where you need to measure the weight or the non-linear flow of liquids? Perhaps you’re dealing with machinery where you need an industrial joystick combined with a potentiometer. Do you need single-axis or multi-axes functionality?

Each application has its own unique requirements, and mistakes are common. Just because a component costs less up front doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. If the component you choose is less than optimal for the environment, it’s failure could cost you more in the long run. Here are a few features of some common components to consider for your next application.

Reliable Weight Measurement

Reliable Weight Measurement

From produce scales at the grocery store to truck scales along the highway, we incorporate load cells to measure weight on a daily basis. These force sensors convert force into a measurable output. Since these transducers come in many varieties, it’s important to understand which is best for various applications.

Shear beam load cells are heavy-duty components designed to withstand corrosion. Whether weighing chemicals, vehicles, or food, these load cells are a popular choice for industrial process control. They’re also available in AC or DC output.

S-beam load cells, so called for their S shape, are built to measure both tension and compression forces in harsh industrial environments. When you’re dealing with extreme temperatures, you may consider this option.

Button Load Cells are miniature compression load cells built to perform for high capacity loads in small spaces. Sturdy construction makes them ideal for machines with high levels of vibration. If you need high accuracy over millions of load cycles, these small but mighty components are a great choice.

High-Resolution Angle Sensing

Medical Microscope

Potentiometers have been an industry staple for decades because they come in a variety of sizes and measuring angles, and they’re very cost-effective. Available in conductive plastic or wire-round elements, they provide highly precise feedback in a wide range of industries. From medical devices to robotics or factory automation, you can depend on this high-resolution component for stellar results.

Durable Displacement Measurement

LVDTs, or linear variable differential transformers, provide highly accurate displacement measurements. They are a great alternative to linear potentiometers because these contactless sensors provide a virtually unlimited product life. Their sealed construction makes them robust enough to withstand harsh environments. They can also be easily combined with existing signal conditioning or data acquisition equipment.

Get Help Finding Solutions

Choosing the right control system components can be challenging when you consider all the variables for each application. You need the expertise of a supplier who has been providing clients with applications engineering, rapid prototyping, OEM support, and distribution support for many years.

Reach out to an industry expert at P3 America for more information on the applications for these various motion control components and for custom solutions. We enjoy helping customers in many industries. Whether you’re in aerospace, automotive, robotics or food processing, we can help you find the proper solutions.

Jul 15th 2019

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