How to Source Instrumentation and Control Engineering Services

With technology rapidly evolving and constant demands to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs, it can be difficult to keep up. Whether you’re working with robotics, manufacturing equipment, or construction machinery, knowing how to source the right instrumentation and control engineering services is crucial to your success.

Industrial instrumentation and control equipment

If your system keeps failing and you don’t know why, it’s costing you time, money, and your edge over the competition. You don’t want to sacrifice quality or durability to save money, so how do you know which motion control components are the best and most cost-effective for your application?

If you’re looking to partner with an expert in instrumentation and control engineering, you can team up with an established leader like P3 America for answers. They’ve been working with companies for decades to develop, prototype, and distribute motion control components and solutions for decades.

Here are a few services to consider when determining if you should partner with an expert.

Applications Engineering

Applications engineers are the bridge between clients who need solutions and the manufacturers who create them. They work directly with customers to make sure they understand the requirements for each application and ensure the manufacturer’s products meet those standards.

Basically, they help you solve problems. They apply their instrumentation and control engineering expertise to help define and design the products you need by helping you consider all the factors involved. From determining which products work best with your environmental factors to which products connect mechanically, they make sure all of your bases are covered. If you can’t figure out why something isn’t working, they can help you find a better solution.

Custom Designs

Each component of motion control has a variety of uses and a myriad of ways they can be installed for optimal use. Industrial joysticks are one of many highly customizable components. You can have them custom-designed for single-axis use to up to six axes of control. From pushbutton switches to handle deflection and direction, an engineering partner can create  custom designs for your applications requiring joysticks.

P3 America is known for providing custom solutions with short lead times. Their vast experience has made them masters of creating quality products with long life spans for a variety of industries.

OEM Support

Original equipment manufacturers must provide world-class products and remain compliant with industry standards at the same time. You have a unique set of issues that require support. An  OEM support partner like P3 America can provide services such as:

  • Design & Build Services
  • Production Cost Reduction
  • Engineering Support/Redesign
  • Product Quality Control
  • High Volume Complex Fabrication
  • Production Rate Flexibility
  • Industry Standards Compliance

Partner with the Best

Running a manufacturing business has its own unique challenges. Instrumentation and control engineering services such as applications engineering, custom designs, and OEM support are available to make your life easier. If you need help, contact P3 America today for custom solutions.

Oct 25th 2019

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