Industrial-Grade Control Panel Components

From industrial loading equipment to agricultural and construction machinery, engineers are using advanced control panel components to help machine operators increase efficiency and comfort while doing their jobs. These components are designed with simple user interfaces and made of materials that can withstand use in any environment.

Custom control panels can assist with a variety of functions, including turning machines on and off or triggering or stopping specific movements. Here are a few ways machine operators are using components of control panels to make their jobs easier.

Display Components

Safety is a top priority when working with industrial equipment. It’s important for operators to know how fast they’re going to maintain an accident-free workspace. That’s the beauty of incorporating a digital display screen as one of your control panel components. It allows drivers to keep a close eye on their speed and other data while operating the machine.


In addition to monitoring speed, it’s also important to know how much power you have left. Once the battery dies, you can’t move a forklift. Any operator can tell you this is not a situation you want to be in with heavy equipment. Adding a battery status indicator to your display can save your staff a lot of hassle and keep your workflow moving smoothly.

Customized Buttons/Switches

Another helpful component of control panels is a button or switch that can be programmed for any function you need. This can create a more ergonomic machine that requires less physical exertion on the part of your workers, which could help mitigate injuries and burnout.

Buttons can be programmed to turn the motor on and off. Toggle switches can be added to a forklift to move the forks to the left or right, to lift and lower the forks, and to move the forks to the forward or trailing positions. Buttons and switches can also be used to engage hydraulics or to retrieve or extend telescopic booms on equipment. As an added safety measure, incorporate a button to use as a horn to alert pedestrians in your warehouse or at crossings.

Industrial Joysticks

Manufacturers have abandoned traditional steering wheels for industrial joysticks in heavy-duty machinery for a couple of reasons. First, joysticks are much more compact and give operators more space. Second, joystick controllers give operators better handling of machinery. They require little physical effort to engage, which can help alleviate injuries from repetitive motions.

In addition to steering, joysticks can be used to control other functionality in industrial settings. The only limit is your imagination. From adjusting blade angles in motor graders to positioning cameras, joysticks can be used to control equipment remotely or in person.

Train Controls

Get Full Customization

Control panels are fully customizable for any industrial machinery. P3 America has been working with clients for decades to provide custom solutions for industrial joysticks and other motion control technology for decades. Contact one of our expert sales engineers for help with your application.

Jul 9th 2019

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