Instrumentation and Control Engineering Services

P3 America is an industry-leading source for quality measurement and control equipment. We’ll work with you to find the ideal component solution or design and manufacture it ourselves.

Our team of control & instrumentation engineers draws on decades of design experience and knowledge to bring you the highest quality solutions with quick turnarounds.

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Our Staff

Get a professional on the phone.

  • You will always have a knowledgeable USA-based staff with significant industry experience working to solve your problem.
  • Our instrumentation and control engineering team work to get customers answers quickly. We know this is especially critical when you need replacements for broken parts to keep your operation moving smoothly.
  • Our team will help customers find the exact part or piece they need for their specific application. We’ll consult with you and help you figure out what you need. If our stock items can’t meet your needs, we’ll modify an existing design and or design and build a new part.
  • We understand that you have an operation to run. Leave the busy-work to us. We’ll go out of our way to work with suppliers so that you can focus on running your operations.
  • Need a part that’s obsolete? Don’t worry! We can reference obsolete parts to find compatible parts and replacements.
  • Need certification and compliance support? Our instrumentation and control engineering team can help you certify new and modified designs and installations. We know the regulations and our engineers are experts at producing and certifying compliant designs.

Services From P3 America

At P3 America, we do more than just sell parts. We find solutions for our customers. Our control & instrumentation engineers take pride in finding solutions our customers will be happy with for years to come. Our services include:

  • Customization: P3 will find a solution for you or engineer one; even for just a single unit (industry-unique). Our instrumentation and control engineering team are adept at providing custom solutions for the most challenging and unique cases.
  • Support for discontinued parts: we also provide support for discontinued parts if provided with the specs. Customers can even send a photo/drawing or the part itself they’re looking to replace.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Once we’ve designed your customer solution, our in-house 3D modeling and 6-axis CNC machining can quickly whip up a prototype for a form fit.
  • Application Engineering: P3 sales engineers are just that, engineers. You can speak directly and technically with them and receive real engineering support, not just a referral. They are extremely knowledgeable and competent in a wide range of industries. Count on P3 America for real customer support!
  • OEM Support (Original Equipment Manufacturing): Our OEM services are top-notch. When you need part servicing and certifications, we’ve got your back. We offer a variety of options to suit different operational needs, such as blanket ordering, volume-based discounts (even on units purchased over time), and Material Resource Planning (MRP). MRP software allows manufacturers to track thousands of pieces and schedule service or replacement as needed for each.
  • Distribution support: We’ll help you support your clients and we won’t go behind your back to steal your clients from you.

P3 America

P3 America is a global leader in linear sensors, angle sensorsload cells, input devices, precision resistors, and industrial joysticks. Our services and products have found widespread application across numerous industries. Our instrumentation and control engineering services have an industry reputation for strong expertise combined with effectivity and flexibility at the application and product levels.

Find quality solutions for your next project at P3 America. Call 512-337-7336.

Jun 12th 2019

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