Sourcing Components for Industrial Control and Instrumentation

Sourcing Components for Industrial Control and Instrumentation

Industrial control systems are vital when it comes to operating and automating industrial processes. No matter the industry application in question, industrial control and instrumentation systems have to be precise to support and meet the necessary application control requirements. To ensure the reliability and durability of industrial control systems, the right components are needed to drive today’s control technologies.

If you’re looking to source components for industrial control systems and instrumentation, working with a well-established and reliable company that can be trusted to provide industrial-grade components is crucial.  P3 America is one of the few US-based specialists providing a full line of components needed for industrial joysticks, precision angle sensors, multi-turn potentiometers, and linear motion transducers.

Here’s what you should know about sourcing components for industrial control and instrumentation.

What Type of Components Do You Need?

Whether you need  control components for industrial, commercial or OEM markets, it’s important to have a good understanding of your control and instrumentation needs so you can identify the type of components required. You’ll want quality parts at reasonable prices, backed by reliable support. Whether you need a single unit or multiple units for industry-unique applications, expanding your knowledge of the components required for your system is vital.

The solution lies in consulting the company you choose to discuss customization options to fit your component supply requirements. Whether you need components for your hand grip controllersthumb controllersfinger controllers, or switch-only controllers, discussing your options with experts will ensure you get the best components to fit your single or multi-function industrial control and instrumentation requirements.

Discuss Prototyping and Component Engineering

Once you have a good understanding of the components you need to ensure your industrial control systems and instrumentations are properly designed and engineered, this is where rapid prototyping comes in. 3D modeling and 6 axis CNC machining options are available to ensure a form fit with a quick turnaround.

Once you’re satisfied with the component prototype, you can talk to a sales engineer representative to discuss the technical options for your industrial control system components. A reliable company will be dedicated to helping you no matter what industry you’re in. What you need most is technical know-how to ensure that your industrial control and instrumentation components match your requirements.

OEM and Distribution Support

Your component supply chain can’t be complete without consulting on OEM support as well as component distribution support. Will the component manufacturer offer servicing for parts? What about certifications for components? The manufacturer should have concrete Material Resource Planning software that allows automatic scheduling of servicing or replacement of components. You should also discuss distribution options to ensure a reliable turnaround with assurances that the components will get the job done reliably.

Partner With P3 America

Indutrial Instrumentation

If you’re looking for high-quality components such as  linear motion transducersindustrial joysticksmulti-turn potentiometers, and angle sensors for your industrial-grade applications, P3 America has knowledgeable US-based staff who are ready to get you quick answers and help you find, design and engineer the exact components you need for your specific application. Our components are high precision and reliably operate over a long time.

Talk to us at  512-337-7336 to discuss your component needs for industrial control and instrumentation and enjoy the industry’s best product delivery time.

Apr 17th 2019

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