Types of Industrial Machinery Components for Positioning & Control

There may be thousands of components that go into making a motion control system. The industrial-grade components that go into these systems need to be pinpoint accurate to deliver reliable results and durable to power through hundreds of thousands or millions of routine operations.

These are 5 industrial machinery component types for motion control systems used as the industry-standard across the world.

Types Of Industrial Machinery Components For Positioning And Control

Precision Potentiometers

The potentiometer, commonly referred to as a ‘pot’, has been used as an input device and feedback (closed loop) sensor for decades. For industrial applications precision potentiometers differentiate themselves from the lowest cost potentiometers because they have much greater electrical and mechanical tolerances and consequently a significantly longer lifespan and high reliability. Potentiometers feature a precision resistance element with a sliding contact. A fixed, regulated supply voltage is impressed across the resistive element. The sliding contact (wiper) then picks up a voltage potential on a resistance path. An absolute analogue voltage signal is immediately available without starting or processing time delays. Precision potentiometers are available in single turn or multi-turn configurations in a variety of housings and can be customized to suit any given application.

You’ll find precision potentiometers such as P3 America’s in medical devices, industrial test and measuring equipment, hand held controls, construction equipment, marine equipment, aerospace, manufacturing controls and equipment, robotics, mixing controls, heavy equipment, lighting controls and the list goes on.

Rotary Encoders

Rotary Encoders convert the angular position of a shaft or axle to analog or digital output signals. From computer mice to camera lenses, these industrial machinery components are used to provide data on direction and velocity.

Incremental rotary encoders tend to be less expensive and easier to incorporate than absolute rotary encoders. They are favored for their high resolution and durability. Absolute rotary encoders provide faster recovery after power loss. They maintain their position reference whether the machine is off or on, which decreases safety risks for machine operators.

Linear Motion Transducers

Linear motion transducers are position sensors that measure movement along a linear path. They convert that linear motion into an electrical signal for motion control systems. A wide variety of applications use these industrial machinery components, such as electric actuator drive or valve systems, precise position feedback for high end flight simulators, measuring layer thickness of various materials for production automation and quality, just to name a few. P3 America offers linear motion potentiometers in a wide range of sizes, mountings, fittings, and stroke lengths.

LVDTs are commonly used where very high life cycles are required and/or sustained vibration is present and/or in harsh environments. This makes them a favorite for automation in food production or automobile factories. If you want to learn more about how to incorporate these components into your machinery, contact an engineer at P3 America.

Load Cells

Load cells are another type of transducer that measure forces such as torque, compression, pressure, or tension. It converts that data into an electrical output signal for many pneumatic and hydraulic applications. That means they must be built tough to deliver accurate measurements in harsh conditions. Our S beam load cells perform reliably and withstand pressure in a variety of extreme work environments—including heat, cold, moisture, and more.

Industrial Joysticks

Another industrial machinery component that has become an industry staple for steering heavy-duty equipment is the industrial joystick. They can be combined with a potentiometer to convert joystick motion into an output signal.

Agricultural machinery, excavators, military vehicles and many others incorporate this technology because it can stand up to very demanding and harsh environments. From microscopes to camera controls, joysticks can control speed, position, and steering of machines large and small with precision.

Find Expert Solutions at P3 America

P3 America is an established industry leader in providing the highest quality industrial machinery components. If you need help selecting the right components for your motion control needs or need custom solutions, contact P3 America today.

Oct 24th 2019

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