Uses of Industrial Joystick Switches

Joysticks are a worldwide standard in control technology for interfacing with machines, including industrial and manufacturing environments. They’ve slowly replaced traditional mechanical control levers for a variety of tasks. But, industrial joystick switches for professional machinery are certainly not the same kind used in arcades.

Industrial joystick controls are of sophisticated design and robust build to handle the demands of industrial environments. They are also available in many varieties, including single-axismulti-axishandgrip, contactless, fingertip, and many others.

From operating assembly lines, cranes, mining trucks, forestry equipment, and excavators, aircraft, and submersible vehicles, industrial joysticks have revolutionized the controls industry. Here, we’ll look at some of the more significant joystick applications in the industry.

Chair Operations

Joysticks have become widely used in the mobile chair market. They have provided unprecedented ease of movement for those requiring mobile chair assistance. Joysticks allow mobile chair users to control all of their movements through a single interface, which makes mobile chair operation more ergonomic than ever before.

Heavy-Duty Work

Industrial joystick switches have demonstrated practical applications in driver control for low-speed vehicles as a potential replacement for conventional steering. A joystick’s single-lever design that can be moved in all directions, forward, backward, left, right, and even 360°, allows for quick response in the field. Joysticks are particularly useful for heavy vehicles for which conventional hydraulic power steering has presented operational limitations.

Joysticks are particularly popular in high-risk operations such as mining and excavation, construction, and in oil and gas exploration. In these industries, operation of heavy-duty equipment is now commonly done through a joystick, providing a less strenuous work environment for human workers and higher overall efficiency.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Underwater Vehicles (UUV)

We are all familiar with joystick usage in manned aircraft. However, joysticks have also found widespread usage in unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Ground-based operators often use joysticks to navigate UAS and their payloads. Industrial joystick switches are also often used as a primary control mechanism for UUV.

Security Systems

Industrial joystick controls have found widespread usage in the arena of security systems. They make camera operations easier and smoother, allowing surveillance professionals to focus on the images on the screen and not on the equipment itself.

Medical Applications

Joysticks have also been apart of advancing medical technology. Joysticks have been tailored to provide the precision, quality, ergonomics, and haptics required for complex medical procedures. As the use of robotics in surgical procedures has increased, so has the use of industrial joysticks to provide a seamless interface between the medical professional and the robotic equipment.

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Jun 8th 2019

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