Bourns Linear Potentiometers

Bourns has been an excellent manufacturer of potentiometers for decades with thousands of models. Many are no longer stocked or manufactured. P3 America can help find compatible parts to replace or substitute the Bourns Linear Potentiometer you need.

We stock Miniature Linear Motion Potentiometers, single-turn potentiometers, and multi-turn potentiometers. Source your replacement Bourns potentiometer with P3 America.

Bourns Potentiometers Compatibility Reference Guide

This reference guide covers which part numbers of the Bourns 3048 Series are covered by the LMC8 series by P3 America. You can track down the exact model you need or reach out to our engineers for expert assistance. Call P3 America to speak with an applications engineer about the bourns linear potentiometer you need to replace.

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Linear Potentiometer

   Bourns Part Number

   P3 America Part Number

3048 Series

Miniature Linear Motion Potentiometers

  • 3048L-2-102
  • 3048L-2-502
  • 3048L-2-103
  • 3048L-2-203
  • 3048L-2-503
  • 3048L-3-102
  • 3048L-3-502
  • 3048L-3-103
  • 3048L-3-203
  • 3048L-3-503
  • 3048L-4-102
  • 3048L-4-502
  • 3048L-4-103
  • 3048L-4-203
  • 3048L-4-503
  • 3048L-5-102
  • 3048L-5-502
  • 3048L-5-103
  • 3048L-5-203
  • 3048L-5-503
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Find a replacement Bourns linear potentiometer, compatibility guaranteed. Call P3 America to speak directly with an expert applications engineer. We’ll determine the ideal size, resistance value, mechanical or electrical angle, and mounting for your application or custom engineer it for your project.

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