ETI Systems Single-Turn Potentiometers

ETI Systems is an excellent manufacturer of potentiometers, but the right models are sometimes out of stock or no longer available. We often field questions for SP12B and sp22e series potentiometers, and have the ideal replacements ready to go.

When you need to replace a single-turn potentiometer by ETI Systems, P3 America has you covered. Give us a call at (512) 337-7336.

ETI Systems Potentiometers Compatibility Reference Guide

Find the series part number you need on our guide to find an in-stock compatible replacement. And if the part you need isn’t available, call to talk with one of our engineers, and we can make it for you. Contact P3 America to talk directly with an expert about the ETI Systems single-turn potentiometer you need to replace for guaranteed compatibility.

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Single-Turn Potentiometer

ETI Part Number

P3 America Part Number

SP12B Series

Conductive Plastic, Bushing Mount

  • SP12B-1K
  • SP12B-5K
  • SP12B-10K

SP22E Series

Conductive Plastic, Bushing Mount

  • SP22E-1K
  • SP22E-2K
  • SP22E-5K
  • SP22E-10K

SP22D Series

Conductive Plastic, Bushing Mount

  • SP22D-1K
  • SP22D-5K
  • SP22D-10K

SW22E Series

Conductive Plastic, Bushing Mount

  • SW22E-100
  • SW22E-1K
  • SW22E-5K
  • SW22E-10K

SP22GS Series

Conductive Plastic, Servo Mount

  • SP22GS-1K
  • SP22GS-5K
  • SP22GS-10K
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Find the exact replacement for your Systems potentiometer here in our stock or call P3 America to talk tech directly with one of our applications engineers. We can help you determine the ideal size, type, and resistance value the potentiometer needs for your application. And if we can’t find it, we’ll engineer it ourselves.

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