KT1503 K 10KN 2442 D

10 kN (2248 lb.) capacity. The load cell series KT1503 are based on the S-Beam principle. The force is introduced via the M12 internal thread. The force sensor has an integrated digital signal converter and supplies an output signal of 4..20 mA @ 24 VSUP. The measuring principle of the Wheatstone strain gauge full bridge has proven itself for this type of force sensor over decades and guarantees a long service life.

Manufactured by Megatron

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Attribute Value
Series / Type S-Beam Force Load Cell w/integrated signal conditioner
Capacity (Rated Force) 2248 lb. (10kN) - Compression
Rated Output 4 - 20mA
Relative Repeatability Error ≤ 0.03% of rated output
Relative Reversibility Error ≤ 0.03% of rated output
Relative Linearity Error ≤ 0.1% of rated output
Relative Deviation of Zero Signal ≤ 3% of rated output
Rated Displacement ≤ 0.3mm
Insulation Resistance ≥ 500 MOhm @ 50 VDC
Maximum Operating Force ≤ 150% of Capacity
Excitation Voltage 24V DC
Operating Range of Excitation Voltage 12 - 36V DC
Rated Temperature Range -10ºC to +50ºC
Operating Temperature Range -10ºC to +70ºC
Temperature Effect on Output Value ≤ 0.02% of rated output / 10K
Temperature Effect on Zero Signal ≤ 0.02% of rated output / 10K
Creep Under Load ≤ 0.05% of rated output
Cable Dimension 3 x AWG28  (shielded)
Body Material Aluminum alloy
Protection Grade IP40
Mass 0.9 lb.