SpaceMouse Module UART

  • SpaceMouse Module Joystick / UART
  • SpaceMouse - UART

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Attribute Value
Series / Type SpaceMouse - UART
Number of Axis Six
Resolution 10 bit
Interface UART
Vertical Displacement 1.5 mm
Horizontal Displacement 1.5 mm
Twist & Tilt Deflection Angle
Supply Voltage 3.3V to 5.5V
Current Conumption 10 mA (max)
Resolution Translation 250 increments/mm
Resolution Rotation 170 increments/degree
Data Rate 100/second (max)
Vertical Actuation Force 11 N
Horizontal Actuation Force 7.4 N
Rotational Actuation Force 171 Nmm
Cable Length 200 mm
IP Rating IP54