An Industrial Motion Controller for All Directions

Industrial motion controllers have forever changed the industrial and technological landscape by allowing machines to go where no man has gone before. Humans and machines are partnering like never before to get things done. Joysticks are used for a wide range of heavy-duty applications such as cranes, logging, steel mills, mining machinery, and offshore drilling equipment. But you may be surprised to see where else this technology is being utilized.

Drone with Joystick

For example, drones have revolutionized the way we do business. Aerial footage that was once extremely dangerous or costly to obtain is now available with the flick of a joystick. People no longer have to risk their lives to inspect power lines, utility poles, wind turbines, or other dangerous equipment. Commercial roof inspectors use drones to inspect roofs and gather thermal data. Drones incorporating state-of-the-art joystick controllers have made these tasks much safer, efficient, and cost-effective.

First Responders are also incorporating robotics to assist in disaster recovery efforts after industrial accidents and natural disasters. Remotely controlled drones and robots are used to explore and map accident sites quickly without putting more lives at risk. This technology is critical at night or in horrific weather conditions. Radioactive sites can be explored by robots with custom sensors without humans having to enter the radiation field. From earthquakes to plane crashes and mountain rescues, the uses for this technology are endless.


Utilize Incomparable Technology

One of the cutting-edge industrial motion controllers making all this possible is the SpaceMouse® Module. This controller is quickly garnering lots of praise for providing six degrees of freedom available for all directions of movement. It controls multiple 3D movements in a manner that users find very intuitive. Its opto-electronic sensor unit is also available as an industry-compatible installation module. Whether you’re flying a drone to capture breathtaking photos in a remote location or drilling oil wells, this technology makes work safer, easier, and faster.

How It Works

The SpaceMouse® Module enables motion control for industrial applications in a manner that has never been seen before. Using its patented opto-electronic scanning, the six degrees of freedom are attained via displacements along the main x, y and z axes with tilt and rotary movements around these three axes. This capability enables you to control complex 3D tasks with one hand instead of using multiple controllers. Because of its compact design, this component can fit easily into any panel, desktop, or armrest. It’s also ergonomically designed to be operated with gentle hand or finger movements to mitigate user fatigue or injury. In addition to comfort, you can also make sure it’s aesthetically compatible with your control panel. The color, shape, and materials can all be customized to your specifications.

Installation and maintenance of this controller are very easy. The system utilizes simple bolt flange and plug connections. Speak with a specialist at P3 America today for more information on this game-changer. We’ve been creating custom solutions for our satisfied clientele for years, and will be happy to connect you with one of our applications engineers to talk about your project.

Jul 2nd 2019

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