Engineering Pneumatic Flow Control Valves with Potentiometers

pneumatic flow control valves

Flow control valves help regulate the pressure of a flow of fluid in a pneumatic system. If your current flow controls are allowing air to leak out of the pneumatic system or experiencing other problems, then your system can’t operate at full potential. In some cases, such issues could mean you’re operating an unsafe system that could malfunction at any time.

While this could cause huge losses for manufacturers that rely on pneumatic systems for mixing and measuring purposes, the truth is, many pneumatic lines aren’t maintained properly. New motorized flow control valves with  precision potentiometers can help improve functionality, ensure safety, and help your pneumatic system run smoothly.

Here, we'll to look at why engineering pneumatic flow control valves with linear motion potentiometers is vital.

Precision and Durability

Manufacturers specializing in mixing and measuring processes rely on precision to ensure accurate flow control of fluids in a pneumatic system. Without the use of linear motion potentiometers, ensuring accuracy and dependability is a huge challenge. Companies like P3 America provide a wide range of durable precision linear potentiometers, such as  linear motion conductive plastic potentiometers and hall effect potentiometers that are built to last.

When engineered and combined with pneumatic flow control valves, they ensure the reliable operation of pneumatic systems over a long life and a high return on investment for manufacturers. They consume very little power and have proved themselves valuable and accurate in high-end flow control applications.

Customizable Options

There are different types of pneumatic flow control valves, each with different functionalities in a pneumatic line. Having the right components to ensure smooth system operation is critical. Custom linear motion potentiometers that can be mounted on your system are the way to go when you want to streamline your motorized flow control valves.

These high-resolution potentiometers are used as sensors for linear motion in pneumatic flow control valves. They are available in a variety of custom sizes, mounting fittings, and stroke lengths to fit your specific application. Their accuracy, temperature stability, and linearity makes them a top choice for electronically controlled mixing and measuring processes.

Excellent Control Performance

Advanced Flow Control Linear Motion Potentiometers

The control capabilities that linear motion potentiometers provide can be customized to the needs of your system. With advanced flow control capabilities, these potentiometers ensure stable control of the valve in critical areas near closing positions. Easy handling and installation also ensure quick connection to the pneumatic flow control valves with external signaling and visualization options that save time and effort.

Partner With P3 America for Expert Solutions

If you’re looking to choose the right motion control technology for your pneumatic flow control valves, start by consulting an applications engineer at P3 America. We will help you determine the correct type of linear potentiometer for your application and custom engineer it to fit your needs. We provide reliable application component engineering, rapid prototyping, OEM support, and distribution support. We also provide  angle sensorsindustrial joysticks, and load cells.

Contact us to speak directly with an expert about your project.

Nov 25th 2019

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