How to Work With an Industrial Joystick Manufacturer

How to Work With an Industrial Joystick Manufacturer

Joysticks have over the years become the user interface of choice for many high-performance industrial control systems. These devices serve countless industries, from the needs of dynamic positioning of construction equipment, to agricultural machinery and oil rigs. These systems provide the precision and flexibility needed by system designers and users alike.

With these diverse applications and evolving needs in the vast industrial sector, come increased requirements for overall quality, reliability, and durability. That’s why working with the right  industrial joystick manufacturer is vital. The intuitive nature of an industrial joystick makes it a natural for precision control systems. Manufacturers must provide a device that matches the sophistication of the control system and meets the necessary standards for durability.

If you’re looking to work with a manufacturer to develop, engineer, prototype, distribute, and support a customized joystick to fit your needs, you need to work with a well-established company like  P3 America that will go out of their way to deliver quality within the expected timelines. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to work with an industrial joystick manufacturer:

Discuss Applications, Customization and Specific Requirements

Industry joysticks are used in a wide range of applications and markets, including agricultural technology, drive technology, port cranes, ships, construction machinery, in transport and logistics, conveyor setups, and plant constructions. Joysticks can be equipped with a range of practical accessories and are highly functional as part of control systems.

As a customer, you have to be able to rely on the safe, durable, and reliable operation of the precision industrial joysticks. Consultation with a reliable manufacturer in order to supply a reliable and suitable joystick solution is critical. There are lots of questions you need to keep in mind when consulting an  industrial joystick manufacturer to ensure your requirements are met quickly and without any complications.


  • How often will you be using the industrial joystick?
  • Which functions will it be used to perform?
  • How many switch stages are used?
  • How many axes (1,2 or 3) will you need to control?

External Working Conditions

  • Will you be working in areas with extreme temperatures?
  • Do you need your industrial joysticks to be saltwater resistant and weatherproof?
  • Will the joystick come into contact with UV radiation, oil, or ozone?

Specific Workload

  • In what industrial sector is the joystick going to be used?
  • How heavy or large can the controller be?
  • What’s the installation situation or plan like?
  • What level of precision do you need to control tasks?

Electrical Components Needed

  • Which connections, attachments, and installations are required?
  • Do you plan on using the joystick in an Atex/Ex environment?
  • Do you want the dead man’s function to be integrated?
  • Which output signal do you want to use?

Discuss these critical questions and get clear clarifications and professional advice from the  industrial joystick manufacturer. Make sure to discuss their capabilities, including customization to find a solution for you, rapid prototyping in 3D, application engineering backed by reliable tech support, OEM support, and distribution support.

A Wide Selection of Industrial Joysticks

Big Rig industrial joystick

Once you’ve discussed your needs and options with a reliable and trusted manufacturer, you can decide what type of joystick or control system best suits your requirements. P3 America brings you a number of industrial-grade joysticks to choose from:

At P3 America, we can design your  industrial joystick specific to your requirements, including custom sensors and mechanics and customized joystick handles to suit your functionalities. Our joysticks are well known for their superior performance and ergonomically shaped handles.

If you’re looking for a reliable  industrial joystick manufacturer to work with, contact our applications engineers at  512-337-7336 or email us at

Apr 1st 2019

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