LVDT - AC Output (mV/V)

LVDT - AC Output (mV/V)

Where signal conditioning and data acquisition equipment already exists, or in combination with one of our external conditioners, the standard mV/V output LVDT is the correct choice.

Manufactured with precision from a sealed construction design, our LVDTs provide high accuracy displacement measuring. These devices are electrically isolated to provide you with a robust alternative to linear potentiometers that will ensure a near endless life cycle. A standard linear mV/V output guarantees easy installation and interfacing.

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Flexible Implementation

All mV/V output LVDTs by P3 America provide direct interfacing with standard input controllers and data acquisition systems. Our LVDTs devices with mV/V output give you the flexibility to capture accurate linear measurement data.

This portfolio of devices is designed for the toughest applications where reliability and accuracy are inherent to the application. Our Linear Variable Differential Transformers with mV/V output can easily connect to our existing data acquisition, digital metering or existing processor. For additional flexibility,we offer several external signal conditioners.

Source with the Specialists at P3 America

Whether you’re looking for a general-purpose inductive transducer or are requiring a heavy-duty linear displacement measurement sensor, P3 America’s LVDTs devices with mV/V output are the flexible and reliable choice. We have the LVDT to help you maximize system compatibility and maintain a high degree of measurement accuracy.

If you have any questions regarding the device specifications below and their capabilities, our application engineers are here to help!