S-Beam - DC Output (V/mA)

S-Beam - DC Output (V/mA)

S-Beam Load Cell – Analog Output

With capacities up to 50 kN (11,240 pound-force), our S-beam force transducers are offered with the convenience of a fully integrated analog signal converter in an IP rated protective package. The integrated electronics, robust build quality, and sealed design continue to provide our customers with a standard solution they can rely on. The standard “S” shape design provides a reliable architecture for all-purpose applications designed with S-beam load cell compatibility.

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Ready to Install

Our engineers understand your needs for standard load cell devices that require little to no additional hardware for easy installation. We are proud to offer you standard DC output S-beam load cell devices with fully integrated conditioning / amplification technology, saving you installation time and interface costs. As an all-in-one solution, all that is required for successful installation into your weighing equipment is standard thread fasteners. With amplifier circuitry built into our discrete package, you no longer need to worry about making space for a nearby signal amplifier. The integrated electronics of our S-beam force transducers are protected by P3 America’s IP rated design and construction.

P3 America, Performance Delivered

As a provider of all-in-one sensing solutions, P3 America also provides all-in-one customer service and support. Our experts have decades of industry experience and are ready to answer all your questions regarding S-beam force transducers with built in signal conditioner. Our customer service mirrors the quality and performance of the load cell products we proudly stock. Whether you’re looking for a specific S-beam load cell or have more general transducer questions, contact us today to speak with one of our experts.