• P42 Ultrasonic Sensor
  • P42 Ultrasonic Sensor
P42-150-M30-ST-C723 Dimensions

3 - 5 weeks delivery

  • Sensing Distance: 150 - 1500 mm (Sensor head only)
  • Output: External evaluation electronics required
  • Connection: C723
  • Housing: M30, Stainless Steel


• Distance measurement of moving machine parts

• Detection of moving objects made of all materials, including glass

• Presence detection of objects and humans

• Counting of objects with various shapes

• Completeness control of objects in bundles (bottles in a box)

• Level measurement of bulk goods storage and liquids in silos and containers

• Winding and unwinding control of rolls in paper-, coils- textile industries

• Web tension control in a multi-level working process

• Sorting control by measuring the height profile of packaging items

• Position control by measuring the stacking height and overlaps on loaders

• Area Monitoring

• Collision avoidance in the case of automated guided vehicles