HTA25K Series

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Analog Hall Effect Rotary Kit Encoder

  • Ø25mm metal housing
  • Single-turn (up to 360º, measuring angle factory programmable)
  • Redundant option (type HTA25KX)
  • Analog: Voltage/current output
  • Field programmable single turn, see HTA25KPM
  • Multi-turn version, field programmable see HTA25KPM


Rotary kit encoder in Ø25 mm metal housing with numerous electronic, mechanical and software options

The kit encoders of the HTA25K series are specially designed for applications in demanding environments with limited space, where the rotation or angular position of externally mounted components are measured. The rugged contactless encoders in the Ø25 mm metal housing can be precisely matched to the respective area of application thanks to their numerous electronic and mechanical options. As anbsolute value encoder, they cover a wide range of applications and, depending on the output electronics, are used in plant engineering, special machinery, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs), for example.

The HTx25K is the smallest metal-housed kit encoder in the MEGATRON product range. They feature a solid aluminum housing, a high IP protection and can be precisely aligned with the magnet in the application. The signal processing is digital and based on latest Hall sensor technology that ensure reliable magnetic recording of measured values. The gradient-based evaluation ensures high interference immunity, e.g. against temperature fluctuations and EMC influences.

Customer specific modifications such as shaft geometries, signal output functions, special cable lengths or individually assembled electrical connection cables are available.


Attribute Value
Series / Type HTA25K Series / Hall Effect Kit Encoder
Resolution 12 bit
Output Signal
Absolute. Analog; 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA
Sensor Technology
Hall Technology
Protection Class
up to IP65
Housing Diameter
25 mm
Mounting Flange
Electrical Connection Axial, Radial, Cable, Connector
Effective Electrical Angle of Rotation Any angle up to 360º (minimum angle is 7º)
Housing Depth 19.35 mm (axial output) - 36.05 mm (radial connector)